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Workshop: Intro to Experimental Poetry Practices

Workshop: Intro to Experimental Poetry Practices

w/ Carrie Lorig

location: TBD

sign up: posted soon

FREE! but limited number of students, RSVP required.

An Introduction to Experimental Poetry Practice

Turning to the poem is not a craft. It is not a technique. It is also a living. 

Who are you when you are turning to the poem? 

What are you writing when you are not writing? 

Who are you when you are turning away from the poem 

but are still / with me / with the poem? 

What happens when we are together? Is it writing? 

Or is it living? 


This is a workshop about the poem and the proliferation of its unimaginable texture, the proliferation of its unfathomable length. This is a workshop about the poem / its bold life. What we face when we write: A bold life. 


Here, we will discuss how to begin to consider the expansive movement of the poem outside of the left aligned box, outside of regimented form and image. Here, a poem creates its laws / its order / its music / its blood as it gathers, carefully and sensitively, all that surrounds it. A poem can trust you more than the canon. A poem can trust grief, love, the notes your body takes, and your difficult thinking more than the canon. Here, a poem is created on the page but is also created off it, through activity and an intense attention to the possible. 


I don’t know what poems you will write when you are with me. I don’t know what poems you will write when you are not with me. But I know we will hold red ice cubes. I know we will translate color, which can be difficult, but you will have a partner. I know you might go outside. I know we will (briefly) read or discuss Bhanu Kapil, Maggie Nelson, and Brandon Shimoda. I know we will create a space. I know we will create a space for questions and for considering what a writing practice is, or rather, what it can be. 

What to bring: 

-a object (stone, a word on a paper, a dried plant, anything) that holds some meaning for you

-something to take notes on 

-water and snack


Earlier Event: November 12
2015 Letters Festival